“If music be the food of love, play on “


“If music be the food of love”, as Orsino proclaims in the opening lines of Twelfth Night, why not set the play in an era set in the greatest decade for music, the 60’s.

Audiences will be treated to an entirely new perspective of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Nigh as Abbey Foregate Drama Group’s version takes the play’s original setting and brings it into the 1960s.

Shakespeare’s plays often conjure up images of men in tights and women in corseted dresses, but this production of Twelfth Night will look different than your typical Shakespearean play. It will still feature jealousy, mistaken identity, cross-dressing, duels, and love, but imagine Twiggy, Mary Quant – and a whole load of THE KINKS

The play focuses on the shipwrecked twins Viola and Sebastian, who each believe the other died in the wreck, and follows their separate adventures around Illyria. A playful entanglement of music, love, mistaken identity, and trickery ensues.

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